Innomatic Platform can be downloaded using Composer.

The Innomatic Legacy stack will also be automatically downloaded by Composer.

Default download method (recommended)

Downloading Innomatic Platform from the latest stable branch

This is the recommended method to download Innomatic for normal development purposes. You can change "myproject" to the name of your project.

This will create a local project called "myproject" with no GIT / VCS metadata, so that you can initialize your own repository.

If you prefer sources to edit your vendors code, you should use "--prefer-source" in place of "--prefer-dist". For instance, this can be useful to edit a package directly in the vendor directory to test the behaviour of your application with that change (eg. a bug fix). This is particularly useful when developing and distributing your application as a Composer package. The --prefer-source option will force cloning sources with VCS metadata instead of downloading an archive.

Other download methods

Downloading a specific Innomatic Platform release

If you need to develop using a certain Innomatic Platform release, you can specify the version.

Downloading Innomatic Platform from the development branch

If you want to use the latest Innomatic Platform code you can use the current development branch. This is not recommended for production code.

Downloading Innomatic Platform for core development

In this first step you need to create a blank Innomatic project, which will be the wrapper for your forked repository of Innomatic Platform core.

Assuming you will use your GitHub account for development, fork the Innomatic Platform repository on through the fork button.

Edit composer.json in order to use your own repository instead of the innomatic/innomatic one (replace "your_username" with your GitHub username):

After that you can proceed downloading the dependencies cloning their sources: