AppCentral is the marketplace and central repository for Innomatic based applications, similar to Composer repositories but at an higher logical layer: while Composer manages dependencies between packages of code and resources, Innomatic applications describe the structure of programs inside Innomatic. AppCentral is a repository system for such packages.

You can access AppCentral from the Applications panel inside Innomatic control panel, after configuring a dedicated Web Service account.

Setting up AppCentral

First of all you need a web services account to access the AppCentral repository. The account creation is a manual process by now.

Once you have your dedicated account, you should enter the Innomatic control panel and then open the “Web Services” panel.

Add a new account clicking in the “New account” button in the toolbar and fill the form with your account data.

Now, launch the “Applications” panel and click the AppCentral button in the toolbar.

Here you can find the web services account in the dropdown widget, select it and confirm.

After a little wait, you should be able to browse the AppCentral channels and application categories.

Innomatic Platform public AppCentral repositories

There are two publicly available AppCentral repositories (stable and unstable) for open source applications managed by the Innomatic Platform team.

Stable applications:

Unstable applications: