6.5 Release Notes

Innomatic Legacy 6.5 is our most stable and feature rich Innomatic 6.x version to date. Until the release of Innomatic Platform 8, the legacy stack will still be needed for new Innomatic applications development. Either if you intend to start using the Innomatic 7.x Symfony stack or if you plan to use Legacy and pure 6.x functionality, this is our recommended LTS release.


This new release adds:

  • Support for integration inside the new Innomatic Platform stack based on Symfony
  • Composer integration at the application level
  • Automatic dependency resolution from AppCentral during application installation/upgrade
  • Cleaner code (removed lot of PHP notices and deprecated functions)

6.5 Features

Innomatic Platform integration

Innomatic 6.5 is intended to be installed stand alone or inside the new Innomatic Platform 7.x.

In the latter case, Innomatic Platform applications and any other external code installed through Composer may access the Innomatic Legacy container and code using a sandboxed PHP closure through the \Innomatic\Core\RootContainer->runCallback() method.

Composer integration

Using Composer, legacy applications can now define their dependencies to external code and to updated Innomatic legacy applications containing a composer.json file.

At the same time, legacy applications containing a composer.json file can also be referenced by Innomatic Platform packages and other Composer based packages.

See the "Composer integration" paragraph at the Legacy code and features dedicated page.

6.5 Contributors

For 6.5 we want to reach out a special thank you to those that have contributed to this release:

6.5 Full Changelog

For the full 6.5 changelog please refer to the 6.5 Changelog dedicated page.

6.5 Known issues

See the 6.5 Known Issues dedicated page.

What's next?

6.5.x being the last Innomatic Legacy version only maintenance and support developments will be done in the following Innomatic Legacy releases. New major features development will be done only in Innomatic Platform.