3.3 Changelog

3000 3.3.1 - 2003/03/27
- Changed some old $env references to $gEnv.

- Fixed expoitable issue in ampconfig.php that may lead to arbitrary
persistent connections to Ampoliros root database.

3000 3.3.0 - 2003/02/17 - "ASP / Enterprise edition"
- Now the $gEnv environment variable is always available as $GLOBALS['gEnv'].
- Added the "edition" platform flag and the AMP_EDITION key in ampconfig
configuration file.
- Added the "ASP" and "Enterprise" editions.
- Added different style images for big dot in main page for the ASP and the
Enterprise edition.
- Now in Enterprise edition only a site can be created.
- Now AmpCentral can be automatically downloaded and installed during web
setup phase if required.
- Added init_amp_site_by_md5id() site initialization function.
- Added the AMP_INTERFACE_EXTERNAL interface type, for interfaces defined by
other modules.
- If interface is set to AMP_INTERFACE_EXTERNAL and AmpDie() is called,
a function named as $gEnv['runtime']['external_interface_error_handler']
is called if exists.
- Now AmpDie accepts a second optional parameter for forcing the interface
- Added the "mini" category in Hui themes icons set.
- Added icons in the "mini" category in the standard crystal icons set.
- Added the $gEnv['user']['data'] section.
- Added the module auto reupdate feature, useful for modules that need to be
updated twice. If a file called TMP_PATH.'modinst/reupdate' is found during
bootstrap, it gets installed as a module.
- Now a "SECURITY" section applies in this change log for security related
new features, changes and fixes.

- In Enterprise edition the "@siteid" part in site usernames is no more
- Added the nowrap as a style in all the HTML tags with the nowrap property
- Updated Crystal icons set. Now there are 805 icons (they were 485 before),
plus the new 409 ones in the "mini" icons set category.
- When installing a module in Enterprise edition it is automatically
enabled to the site.
- Updated PHP Menu Layers code.
- New logo.
- This release autoupdates itself twice with the new reupdate feature.
- Now Ampoliros archive is bigger than the standard max upload size
limit (2M) in php.ini configuration file. You may need to increase the
upload_max_filesize php.ini directive value. INSTALL and TROUBLESHOOTING
files have been updated according.
- The main auth.php nomore relies on cgi/cfgpath.php script and is now
compliant to Ampoliros 3000 bootstrap system.

- Fixed wrong logging of Ampoliros root user logout.
- Fixed bug of disappearing window buttons under Internet Explorer.
- Fixed wrong hook call for instance.startup (it was called bootstrap).
- Added a missing OpenLibrary( 'modules.library' ) in ampsite.php.

- Added remote address for root and site unsuccessfull login alerts.