3.6 Changelog

3000 3.6 - 2003/12/15 - "Locale reorganization"
- Added "About Ampoliros" menu.
- Added "TreeVMenu" Hui widget.
- Added RPM spec file and build system.
- Added copyright note in login panels.
- Added charset support in country descriptors.
- Added support in Page widget for country charset.
- Added a year normalization routine in LocaleCountry class (locale.library)
when using date arrays, in order to resolve issues with short length year
- Added memory usage feature in AmpDebugger class (debug.library).
- Implemented some strategies for reducing database queries.
- Added VertBar Hui widget.

- "Site access" button renamed to "Desktop".
- "Ampoliros administration" button renamed to "Control Panel".
- Updated favicon.ico.
- Added direct link in Ampoliros menus to favicon.ico.
- Moved PHP Layers Menu code from menu.hui to new phplayersmenu.library.
- Now "Tools" and "Preferences" site administration groups are always in the
last two positions.
- Now Form Hui widget children are organized as a table like a vertgroup.
- New javascript based Hui treemenu look.
- Changed handling of years when using date arrays: years must be always 4
chars long. Typical 2 chars long years will be changed to 20xx.
- Changed handling of trees of Hui widgets when navigating them by reference,
resulting in less memory usage.
- Removed HuiWidgetElement->mLog member and related Logger instance, resulting
in less Hui overhead and minor memory usage.
- Applied CSS "normal" style to all form widgets.

- Now the button argument "target" works also with the "formsubmit" argument.
- PopUp icon in Hui date widget is not shown when readonly is set to
- Added missing "forceinstall" parameter to semaphores and clipboard tempdir
- Removed wrong code for nonexistent align and width properties.
- Better check about $check_script existance in string Hui widget.
- Fixed handling of "compact" attribute in AmpToolbar Hui widget buttons.
- If "rowsperpage" argument is given in table widget but "pagesactionfunction"
is not specified, it is ignored and the table displays all the rows.